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+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
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Surrogacy in India has gained considerable popularity and is being noticed internationally also for its professional approach and medical expertise. While discussing Surrogacy we must understand who can avail surrogacy.
• Couples going through failed IVF cycles
• Uterine issues of the intending mother
• Hysterectomy
• History of recurrent miscarriages
• Pregnancy might be of high risk for the mother
• Unexplained infertility
• Age-related problem

Many couples face infertility problems and are unable to complete their family. That is when they seek medical guidance and find out about their infertility. It comes as a shock to the concerned couple initially but gradually they accept it and look for other options of parenthood. In this quest, they start their IVF treatment from an IVF Specialist.

In some situations, the female partner is not capable of carrying the baby to its term due to various medical complications. When the IVF cycles fail repeatedly, the couple is advised to opt for surrogacy and take the help of other women who will act as a Surrogate Mother and carry the baby to its term. Sometimes a mother faces many uterine issues like Congenital defect in the cervix might prevent sperm to travel to the fallopian tube for fertilization or uterine malformations can lead to female infertility. Polyps, fibroids in uterus results in distortion of uterine cavity making it difficult for implantation. Scarring or adhesions from previous surgery or infection also can cause infertility. Cervical mucus defect is also one of the causative factors.

Women who have undergone Hysterectomy due to cancer or Gynaecological problem cannot conceive or bear a child in the absence of uterus. Such women will be advised by the IVF Specialist to opt for Surrogacy.

When the female partner has a history of recurrent miscarriages the couple is advised to avail Surrogacy service.
Conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, or severe diabetes can turn pregnancy into a life-threatening issue for both the mother and child and such patients are known as high-risk patients for pregnancy. They will be advised to avail surrogacy. Patients with a history of cancer or those who are taking medicines to treat an unrelated health problem or physical condition may put an unborn child’s health at risk.

A couple facing unexplained infertility where the tests come clean but unable to conceive can opt for Surrogacy.
If the female partner crosses the childbearing age, the couple will have to opt for surrogacy.
Surrogacy cost in India is low compared to many other countries of the world. It has given genuine hope to couples who failed to complete their family.

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