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Types of Surrogacy – which one to choose?

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Surrogacy is a way through which the couples can become parents by taking the help of a surrogate mother also known as the carrier. The intended woman is responsible for nurturing the baby for nine months and then delivering it to the parents. Surrogacy in India has become legal now but there are strict rules and regulations associated with it. That is why it becomes all the more important to ensure that all rules are strictly followed. Even the clinics you go for should be reputed and abide by the conditions and laws laid down by the government.


Earlier surrogacy was the term which was considered to be bad or dirty but with time the mind-sets of people have changed. It is no more anything bad but a boon to the couples who are eagerly waiting to be parents but are unable to do so due to different reasons. This is when surrogacy plays a big role in giving them a new hope.


Now there are two types of Surrogacy process that you will come across. One is the traditional and the other is gestational. Here we will talk about both of them in detail and which one makes a better choice.


Traditional surrogacy – In case of the traditional surrogacy, there is a strong connection between the child and the surrogate mother. The surrogate is not only the carrier but also the egg donor. While the father’s sperms are used to fuse with the eggs to result in the embryo. IVF or IUI is the process which is followed to inject the semen into the women’s uterus thereby resulting into pregnancy. As the surrogate is also the gg donor she is also referred to as the biological mother.


Gestational surrogacy – Here the IVF treatment is followed to make a woman pregnant and this can be the surrogate as well. The mother’s or donor’s egg is fused with the father’s sperm through the IVF process so that pregnancy can be initiated. If the sperm count of the father is low, they can go for the sperm donor as well. The best part is that there is no connection between the child and the surrogate and that is why most of the couples choose this kind of Surrogacy.


In the present time not only the doctors but even the couples prefer to go with this form of surrogacy only as it comes with a number of benefits. If you are looking forward to a reputed centre for this, Matrika Medicare should be your choice. It is a well-known name and offers mind-blowing services like egg donation, IVF treatment, IUI process, surrogacy and lots more. Their team of experts is highly experienced and qualified to ensure positive results and high success rate.


If you too are left with no other option then go for surrogacy through Matrika Medicare where you will receive the best care you are looking for with complete assistance. So why not get in touch with the specialists, seek their advice and go for this miraculous treatment.

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