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surrogacy in india

Surrogacy in India is surrounded with lot of controversies. Therefore, it is not unusual for surrogacy to be associated with many myths.  While looking for Surrogacy the intended parents are advised to learn the facts so that these myths can be debunked. The most common myths are:

Myth 1: Only the wealthy and influential can go for surrogacy

Fact 1: This is a myth as the fact is although surrogacy is an expensive process, people from lower socio economic backgrounds also opt for surrogacy. The natural desire to be a parent and have a child of own motivates the couple to save and also sometimes seek financial help from family and friends. There are many low cost surrogacy clinics in Delhi which offers cheap surrogacy.

Myth 2: Surrogate mother refuses to hand over the child

Fact 2: The surrogate mother gets counselling from day 1 and is well aware about the fact that this is not her biological child and she has to hand over the baby immediately after birth. Her psychological testing and evaluation of attitude is also done to assess her mental condition. On top of that an expert in reproductive law helps the couple and the surrogate mother to sign a legal contract regarding its procedures and it clearly mentions that the surrogate mother has no legal rights of the baby.

Myth 3: Any woman can become a surrogate

Fact 3: It is again a myth as surrogate mothers go through a rigorous screening process before they get selected. Women between 21 to 35 years can only become a surrogate. A surrogate mother has to have at least one child to prove her uterus is worthy of child bearing. She should be willing to take up this noble cause and must be supported by her family.

Myth 4: No bonding with the intended parents

Fact 4: Bonding develops with couples as they are the ones who are biological parents and nurture the baby from birth. Little or no attachment develops during gestation.

Myth 5: The child is genetically related to the surrogate

Fact 5: Gestational surrogacy is provided by the surrogacy agencies. In this process the egg of the intended mother is fertilised with sperm of the intended father. The fertilised embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother. Hence, there is no biological connection between the surrogate and the child.

Myth 6: People opt for surrogacy to maintain their figure

Fact 6: Motherhood is the automatic desire of every woman. But some couples fail to reproduce due to medical reasons. The need to have a child of their own compels them to look for other options and thus surrogacy is availed.

Myth 7: Easy way to earn extra money

Fact 7: Surrogacy is a complex and lengthy process. The woman undergoes physical and hormonal changes and faces regular check ups and screenings. It takes a great deal of compassion and generosity on her part to agree to be a surrogate and make a commitment of nine months.

Myth 8: Surrogacy is illegal in India

Fact 8: Surrogacy is legal in India, regulated by comprehensive and formidable guidelines. Couples with Indian passports can avail Surrogacy in Delhi and all over India as per the current guidelines.


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