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+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
surrogacy centre in india

With the booming success of Surrogacy in India many good surrogacy centres came up with professional service and world class care in fair cost. This got noticed by world population of intended parents and surrogacy became overnight success.

In India Surrogacy has become very popular due to various factors. Some of them are attributed to its low cost, world class medical care, expertise, huge pool of surrogates ready to help, English speaking efficient and compassionate staff and good connectivity within and outside India. Over the years it has developed into a World Class Service due to its professionalism, availability of plenty of compassionate surrogates and donors with a very efficient support base, state of the art hospitals availing modern technology and 100% success rate.

While considering cheap Surrogacy clinic one must consider the fact that in this era of cutting edge competition, one must know the services available at what cost and not fall prey to fake agencies. These says, people get lots of promises from the service providers with very few being fulfilled. A surrogacy service provider must document all the services provided by it so that no ambiguity arises later on. The commissioning parents have the right to know services being offered and their cost.

Across the country good surrogacy clinics are available to cater to patients from all backgrounds. Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Gujarat have good clinics and offer excellent facilities. Not only people living in India but also couples holding Indian passports from other countries use this service. Such reputation and care also brought laurels for this sector which is a niche area of ART procedure. While looking for good surrogacy centre in India a couple must check the following things:

  • Success rate
  • Tie ups with specialised hospitals
  • Expertise of the IVF Specialist and team
  • Profile of Surrogates
  • Verification and screening process
  • Documentation
  • Legal strength
  • Support staff
  • Professionalism
  • Services worthy of cost
  • Testimonials/records

Once the couple finds their desired clinic, the lengthy journey towards parenthood will be much easier. A good clinic with professional approach will take care of all the hurdles that the couple might face. Not only that, it will cater to all the demands of the couple for services like yoga, holistic healthcare and exotic travel or ethnic shopping. Therefore, someone who is based in other city might like to travel and get treated in a surrogacy centre in Delhi and go for leisure travel to a place nearby.

Once again a word of caution to check the credentials of the clinic before putting the step forward and not to fall prey to false promises and hidden expenses.

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Matrika Medicare is a subsidiary of Fertility Care India which has established its name as a premier in the field of IVF and surrogacy. Thousands of babies are born all over the world through Surrogacy facilitated by us. Here, you will achieve your long cherished dream of becoming a parent by commissioning a Surrogate mother.

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