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Surgical Sperm Retrieval


Male Infertility is one of the causative factors of failure in pregnancy by natural process. In some individuals, spermatozoa may not be present in the ejaculate. This condition is called Azoospermia. This can happen either due to problems in sperm
production or due to obstruction to the flow of semen during ejaculation process. Reproductive tract obstruction can be acquired or genetic.

Surgical sperm retrieval is an option of treatment for men facing infertility. This can happen due to the following reasons:

 An obstruction that prevents the release of sperm, due to injury or infection
 Absence of the vas deferens (men born without the tube which drains the sperm from the testicle), a congenital cause
 Non-obstructive azoospermia where the testicles are producing such low numbers of sperm that they don’t reach the vas
 Vasectomy
Depending on the condition of the patient, different techniques are used in surgical sperm retrieval. They are TESA, TESE, MESE and PESA. Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) is performed by sticking a needle in the testis or Testicular sperm
extraction (TESE) is actually a surgical biopsy of the testis used for patients with non-obstructive azoospermia. Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) is used in conditions like obstructive azoospermia, involves dissection of the epididymis
under the operating microscope and incision of a single tubule. In PESA or Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration, a small needle is passed directly into the head of the epididymis through the scrotal skin and fluid is aspirated. Using these techniques sperm is retrieved from the male partner and the embryologist then separates the sperm cells from the fluid and uses them for ICSI or IVF process.
These techniques have revolutionised the treatment of male infertility in the past decade. Men with congenital bilateral absence of the vas defenses (CBAVD) or reproductive tract obstruction is now able to achieve pregnancies with use of these advanced
techniques. Matrika medicare has tie-ups with Andrologists who are experts in surgical sperm retrieval process and are able to successfully tackle male infertility treatment.

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