+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com

Self-cycle surrogacy Surrogacy is an ART (Assisted Reproductive Procedure) where intended parents can opt for self-cycle surrogacy or donor cycle surrogacy depending upon the infertility condition of the couple. In the absence of the female partner’s uterus due to health reason like cancer or Gynaecological problem, the intended mother won’t be able to bear the child and the couple can use self cycle surrogacy to have their own baby. In this case the female partner uses her own eggs which gets fertilised by the male partner’s sperm and the fertilised embryo gets implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. This is known as self cycle surrogacy. Before the egg donation process the female partner has to undergo certain medications to enhance ovulation, so that ovaries release more eggs. This is known as ovarian stimulation. Her follicular monitoring via ultra sound also takes place to monitor the growth of follicles in terms of size and number, in both the ovaries, from where the eggs are retrieved. Both the genetic mother and the surrogate mother’s cycle is matched prior to stimulation naturally or induced by medications. In cases where husbands/male partners are unable to visit the clinic consecutively, his sperm is frozen by cryo preservation technique and kept for further use. The fertilised embryos are also preserved for future use for the remaining embryos or if the cycle fails and the conception of the surrogate mother does not happen. Generally surrogacy centres in India offers 3/4 cycles in their package as sometimes cycles fail.

Egg donation is performed under anaesthesia with ultra sound guidance. Fresh or frozen sperm is added to the eggs and kept in a dish in incubator for fertilisation. Depending upon the condition of the embryos, the IVF Specialist and team will decide whether on day 3 or day 5 the embryo transfer will take place depending on the total number of eggs retrieved and no. of embryos formed. . The embryo transfer is a simpler process. The developed embryo is passed on to the uterus of surrogate ready for transfer through a catheter with ultra sound guidance.

The surrogate mother then takes hormonal supplements like Estrogen and Progesterone and she can carry out her normal routine activities throughout the waiting period of bhcg result. . After 14 days, blood sample is sent to check beta hCG to confirm pregnancy.
The risks are somewhat similar to the risks of pregnancy happening in natural process. However, risks of multiple pregnancy remains same as in ivf pregnancy particularly when embryos are transferred at the cleavage stage which gets minimalized when they are transferred at the blastocyst stage. Best Surrogacy treatment centres of India offers self cycle surrogacy to couples who have recurrent failures of IVF cycles and also to couples who fail to achieve pregnancy due to unexplained reasons. Self cycle surrogacy is cheaper than donor cycle and there are many good low cost surrogacy clinic in India offering guaranteed self cycle surrogacy. The pleasure of holding own child is bountiful and worth taking the long and tedious journey.

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