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What is infertility?
Infertility is a medical condition when a couple fails to conceive even after unprotected sex for an year or more than a year. Infertility can affect both men a women. Women’s infertility accounts for one third of all infertility problems worldwide and men infertility also accounts for one third of infertility causes. The remaining is shared by problems found in both the couples.
Reproduction is a very simple and natural experience for most of the couples, but due to some medical conditions few couples find it very difficult to conceive. There are various measures to overcome infertility by medication, surgical procedures and lifestyle changes.
Lifestyle changes: It is never too early or too late to make changes in lifestyle. It is for the benefit of one’s own health and fitness.
Excessive smoking prevents from conception and damages the reproductive organs of female partner. Male partners who smoke tend to have poor quality of sperm or they may produce sperm that is not properly formed. Therefore, couples who are trying to have a baby or has plans to have a child in the future, should quit smoking.
Drinking also hampers the natural process of conception. In male frequent drinking reduces testosterone levels and also reduces sperm count. It can also result in erectile dysfunction. In women, frequent drinking results in ovulation disorder. During pregnancy women should abstain from drinking totally.
Intercourse should be timed in a manner that it should take place within 5 days of ovulation, which can help to achieve pregnancy.

It is always advised to start a family early as with age the ovarian reserve of the female partner gets depleted. Women older than 35 years of age might require the help of assisted reproductive technology to become pregnant.
Healthy diet and stress free life is important. Drinking caffeine should be minimised.
Overweight and underweight women are known to have ovulatory disorders. Having moderate weight is important in overcoming infertility.
Treatments of male and female infertility depends on the individual and the nature of problem. With the revolution of ART procedure, infertility issues have been addressed successfully worldwide. India is also not far behind in bringing smiles to infertile couples. One option of In Vitro Fertilisation is surrogacy. Many centers are offering effective surrogacy treatment in Delhi.
Due to its capital tag and good connectivity, Delhi has emerged a popular choice for couples seeking surrogacy. Its cosmopolitan and multi cultural multi lingual society has made it a preferred destination for surrogacy. With the rising problem of infertility in India, surrogacy in Delhi is breaking milestones and achieving all round success.

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