+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
Matrika Medicare Male Infertility Treatment centre in india & delhi

Infertility is one of the most common problems faced by the couples. 1 in every 6 couple faces it. In some cases infertility can be treated through IVF but in a few it becomes critical and there is no option for it. When any couple understands that they are going through infertility, the first thing they do is to consult the doctor. Now there are two options open before them, firstly they can get in touch with a gynaecologist or secondly they can seek the guidance of any infertility specialist. Choosing between them becomes a little tough task.

So here we will be talking about how to decide whether you need to consult a gynaecologist or the infertility specialist.

Consulting a gynaecologist

The very first thing which most of the couples do is to seek the suggestion of their gynaecologist. As they too are specialist therefore they can easily find the root cause of infertility and help you in the treatment. So you can say that your gynaecologist can definitely help you to large extent in handling your infertility problems. But because most of the cases coming to them are that of the fertile women they aren’t good at handling the complex cases. This is when you need to consult your infertility specialist.

Consulting an infertility specialist

Not all the infertility cases are same. A few of them are complex too and this is when you need to address the infertility specialist. As these specialists mostly deal with complex cases they are able to help the couples in every possible way. From diagnosing the root cause to trying different treatments, the infertility specialist will do everything to ensure that you conceive somehow. For this they have different kinds of treatments available and according to the need, they suggest the best possible solution.

On the other hand there are cases which might not be too complex but because the couple has approached an infertility specialist, it can just result in a waste of time as well as money. Sometimes over treatment is what the couples go through thereby spoiling everything? So all this certainly leaves the couple in dilemma to decide the good option for them.

Matrika Medicare is the best infertility specialist in India which is well known to have a qualified team of doctors and specialist. With their assistance you can definitely look forward to a great and successful treatment. As the hospital specialises in IVF and surrogacy, you can easily find the solution to your problem. But before that you need to ensure whether your infertility can be treated through a gynaecologist or it is a complex one and will need the assistance of the infertility specialist.

Once you are sure of everything you can proceed towards the right option and get the advantage of a good treatment. So the most important thing is to make a clear decision about choosing the gynaecologist or the infertility specialist. Only then you can enjoy the best services and the adequate treatment which is meant for you. Get in touch with the right option to seek good advice and guidance.

About Us

Matrika Medicare is a subsidiary of Fertility Care India which has established its name as a premier in the field of IVF and surrogacy. Thousands of babies are born all over the world through Surrogacy facilitated by us. Here, you will achieve your long cherished dream of becoming a parent by commissioning a Surrogate mother.

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