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+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com

Cost of Surrogacy in India

In India Surrogacy has become very popular due to various factors. Some of them are attributed to its low cost, world class medical care, expertise, huge pool of surrogates ready to help, English speaking efficient and compassionate staff and good connectivity within and outside India. Over the years it has developed into a World Class Service due to its professionalism, availability of plenty of compassionate surrogates and donors with a very efficient support base, state of the art hospitals availing modern technology and 100% success rate.

While considering cheap Surrogacy clinic one must consider the fact that in this era of cutting edge competition, one must know the services available at what cost and not fall prey to fake agencies. These says, people get lots of promises from the service providers with very few being fulfilled. A surrogacy service provider must document all the services provided by it so that no ambiguity arises later on. The commissioning parents have the right to know services being offered and their cost.

Matrika Medicare started its journey twelve years back with the objective to fill up the void in the domestic and International healthcare system for Surrogacy. A rising demand of Surrogacy happened when Indian couples started facing infertility problems due to various reasons. In the changing job scenario of India, where women going for higher education and keen to manage own career is opting for late marriages are facing infertility problems. Due to lifestyle issues like drinking, obesity factor and other illnesses like PCOD, Endometriosis, male infertility etc. demand for Surrogacy has gone up. Matrika Medicare gained its popularity in this field as it is a very cost effective Surrogacy clinic having its operations in all over India. With its association with globally acknowledged Gynaecologists and IVF specialists, tie ups with top ranking hospitals, large pool of surrogacy network and surrogacy care, good compassionate staff, 24×7 back up service it has claimed to be the best surrogacy clinic in India. It believes in quality with credibility.

Surrogacy is an expensive proposition as the process doesn’t get completed fast and spans for 9 months and involves payments to various third parties in stages. The continuous health monitoring of the surrogate involves many routine tests. Like all other treatments, complications might arise and some procedures might have to be conducted. Some special tests are also recommended to rule out any assumption as giving a live birth is the main motto. Surrogates’ food and nutrition, entertainment and transportation also needs to be arranged. Other than these, hospitalisation, doctor’s visits, NICU charges, lawyer’s fees, salary of support staff are also accounted for. No wonder, whichever country/place has been chosen for surrogacy will involve certain minimum cost which is unavoidable. Due to its long duration and recurring expense, it sometimes causes stress also. With Matrika at the helm we can guarantee stress free and cheap surrogacy. We have been adjudged the best Surrogacy clinic in India by our own patients who have availed our service after trying other clinics.

We, at Matrika Medicare, while maintaining our quality, offer cheap Surrogacy in India with cent percent success rate. Clinics that are offering lower rates, many a times don’t specify the process and payments and as a result the couple pays more due to hidden cost. Transparency is our mantra in our pre designed package and do not charge any hidden charges. Our qualified and efficient team will explain and provide you with all the receipts required.

We have established a big data base of surrogates with their profiles from where the couple are free to choose. No extra cost is charged for this. We use the best accredited labs for medical screening. Tie ups with the best medical facilities having qualified and experienced doctors, equally efficient embryologist, trained para medics, staff with go getter attitude makes us the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi/NCR as well as in India. We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of price as is done by many. In our endeavour to make our services cost effective we have devised some cost cutting method and set up our own facility instead of outsourcing them. At all times we monitor the quality of our care and always open to suggestions and feedbacks. Best surrogacy hospitals in Delhi/NCR are easily accessible due to our centrally located facility.

Our services include various charges, taking care of all the required processes needed in this journey. We have taken the initiative of informing each and every details that involves surrogates to inform couples sitting far and wide by email. If necessary, we do not hesitate to make long distance calls at odd hours as we understand swift and prompt communication is must for effective delivery.

In developed countries of the world, couples need to shell out a whopping amount to avail Surrogacy. Anybody with Indian passport can avail Surrogacy as per the changed Surrogacy law.  India has become a favoured destination as it provides cost effective Surrogacy with competence. Our low medical cost, success rate and enriching past record made us the no 1 Surrogacy centre in Delhi NCR and India. We always undertake a conducive and compassionate attitude towards the intending parents and our surrogates as sympathy and care are the two words we believe in.

To understand surrogacy better, feel free to write or call us. Last but not the least, we respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality.

About Us

Matrika Medicare is a subsidiary of Fertility Care India which has established its name as a premier in the field of IVF and surrogacy. Thousands of babies are born all over the world through Surrogacy facilitated by us. Here, you will achieve your long cherished dream of becoming a parent by commissioning a Surrogate mother.

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