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Know About IVF and Steps Involved in This Procedure

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In Virto Fertilization is a procedure that uses assisted reproductive technology where the process of fertilization of egg is done outside the human body. After the eggs are fertilized and embryos are formed they are then placed in the women’s uterus there by following the process of pregnancy. IVF is the process that is practiced only when a woman is unable to conceive and help her become pregnant. The procedure is not just a simple step, but it needs to follow a series of steps and it takes usually several weeks to complete it.

Steps Involved in IVF Procedure

Check out these steps that are involved in the complete IVF procedure and these are mentioned below:

First Step is the Ovulation Induction: Before starting the in vitro fertilization process, the first work that your fertility specialist will do is to monitor your ovaries. He/she would also check the timing of the egg release. The doctor would ensure that your ovaries are producing eggs, and even the hormone levels are normal. In this first step of ovulation induction, many a time women take fertility medicines in order to stimulate the ovaries as this can produce one or more eggs. Several eggs would increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Second Step is Egg Retrieval: It is the 2nd step of IVF procedure is egg retrieval. In this concern, pain medication is given that can help to reduce any discomfort. After this a very thin needle is passed through the upper vaginal wall and fluid is removed from the follicles. After aspiration of the follicle, the egg is isolated from the follicular fluid and is placed in a culture dish and then transferred to the incubator.

Third Step is Fertilization: The next step on the IVF process is the fertilization of the egg. Here a sperm sample is secured and that is either from your partner or from a donor. The active sperm is mixed with the egg and added in the special chamber, sometimes the sperm is directly injected into the egg. After this, the sperm and egg are placed in an incubator and monitored till it grows to a healthy embryo.

Fourth Step is Embryo Transfer and Implantation: Under the process of IVF, the final step is the embryo transfer. In this procedure the embryos are examined and the healthiest ones are selected for transfer. In order to transfer the embryo(s), a speculum is placed into your vagina and the embryo(s) are transferred.

This is the procedure of IVF. After the process is completed bed rest is advised for around 24 hours.

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