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IVF In India – a new revolution for the parents

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IVF or also known as in-vitro fertilisation is a way to combat the infertility problems in women. There are many females who are unable to conceive due to different reasons and that is when IVF can play a big role. It not only gives you a chance to get pregnant but also enjoy parenthood which was not possible earlier. Today IVF In India has really become popular and there are several females who have tried this treatment and have been successful with it.

What is IVF?

IVF is a fertilization method in which the egg of the women body is fertilized with the sperm in a glass or vitro. The fertilised egg is kept in the liquid and constant monitoring of the same is done. The embryo then starts growing and after 2-6 days it is transferred into the women’s uterus where it gets all the nutrition required to grow. This is how a successful pregnancy is planned through IVF. The best part is that it is not at all painful and quite effective as well.

When is IVF used?

There are a lot of conditions wherein IVF works as a boon and these cases are:-

  • If your fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged then IVF can be a treatment for you
  • In case there is no reason of infertility
  • If the fallopian tubes have been removed earlier due to some reason
  • Ovulation disorder can also be treated with IVF

Process of the IVF

Here is the process of IVF which is followed by the doctors and experts.

  • The process begins by giving fertility medicines to the female to produce eggs. Many eggs are required in this process as not all will fertilise. Then a trans vaginal ultrasound is carried out to check the ovaries as well as the hormone level inside the body.
  • Once everything is fine, the eggs are recovered via small surgery. This can cause a little discomfort but medicines are given to ensure no pain.
  • In the next step the male sperms are kept ready to be fused or fertilised
  • Insemination now takes place which is the fertilisation of the egg and the sperms. Monitoring is done to ensure that fertilisation is successful and that the cell division is taking place.
  • After 5 days, the embryo will now be transferred into the uterus where it will grow normally.

How to choose IVF clinics or specialists?

IVF is a process that requires a lot of expertise and that is why you need to go in for a specialist or someone who is experienced in this field.

IVF in India is quite popular and there are many experts who can help you in the same. There are lots of clinics of IVF in Delhi NCR region where you can receive the best treatment and can look forward to high success rate. Apart from the clinics or health care centres, you have providers like Matrika Medicare who guide you on IVF, how it is done and other related queries.

So get in touch with them and put an end to all your problems to enjoy parenthood in a seamless manner.

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