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How to reduce your risk of infertility?


Infertility is a widely discussed topic these days. With the rising pollution levels everywhere, the toxicity in the air has gone up increasing infertility problems worldwide. India is also no exception and both female and male infertility accounts for one third each of all infertility problems.

Infertility is when a male and female partner fails to conceive within an year of regular unprotected sex. There can be various reasons causing infertility. It can be medical, congenital or lifestyle. Lifestyle plays a very important role in reducing infertility. If an infertile couple make certain changes in their lifestyle, the chance to conception increases a lot more. Let us explore the facts responsible in female and male infertility and what should be done to curb it.

Reproductive health eventually depends on the general health. We all must consider our general health as a temple and take good care of it. The reproductive health would then fall in its place.

Weight – Overweight and underweight women are known to have ovulatory disorders. Having moderate weight is important in overcoming infertility. Because overweight or underweight can cause problems with hormone levels, which can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle and the quality of her eggs. Similarly, being overweight can also reduce the quality of a man’s sperm and cause erectile dysfunction. It can also affect men’s and women’s libido (sex drive).

Smoking – Excessive smoking prevents conception and damages the reproductive organs of female partner. Male partners who smoke tend to have poor quality of sperm or they may produce sperm that is not properly formed. Therefore, couples who are trying to have a baby or has plans to have a child in the future, should quit smoking

Drinking – Binge drinking affects chances of fertility in both men and women. In women, frequent drinking results in ovulation disorder and is a major cause of female infertility. During pregnancy women should abstain from drinking totally.  In male frequent drinking reduces testosterone levels and also reduces sperm count. It can also result in erectile dysfunction.

Exercise – Doing yoga or moderate exercise will help both men and women maintain fitness. This will control the body weight also. But one should avoid doing any rigorous exercise which may result in infertility too.

Age – When women age, their ovarian reserve gets depleted and releases fewer number of eggs with inferior quality. Therefore, women who are close to 35 years of age, should not delay their pregnancy.

Unprotected Intercourse – Couples should never have unprotected intercourse as sexually transmitted disease will prevent them or delay in conception.

Pollution – Studies have found that toxic air, exposure to pesticides and hormone disruptive chemicals also affect fertility in couples.

Awareness – Awareness about infertility is a very important factor. Remain proactive while seeing your doctor and stay informed. If you have any doubt of having infertility and ageing also then consult your doctor now. To tackle infertility In vitro Fertilisation treatment is available. The last option in this procedure is Surrogacy. Surrogacy in India has become a popular choice of couples suffering from infertility.

Good health means good reproductive health. In this busy world of today, a stress free life, healthy eating habits, good sleep and regular exercise can give you your desired goal.




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