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How to Find Best and Healthy Egg Donors?

Egg donors can prove to a helping hand for the couples who are facing issues in their pregnancy. Many times the women’s egg may not be active enough to lead into a pregnancy or may not be produced in the right quantity. Then there are cases where the woman might have irregular periods and she is unable to conceive. In all these the only solution is to go for egg donors. These are healthy women who chose to be a donor for the couples either for the IVF treatment or surrogacy. No matter which process the couple chooses to go for, the egg donor will help them by giving her active and healthy eggs which result into pregnancy.

But a question arises that how you will go about finding the right donor for yourself. There are lot of things that you might want to look for and ask the donor as well. Firstly you need to connect with an egg donation centre. 

Getting connected with egg donor

Though one can search for the egg donor themselves too but getting associated with any trusted agency will work better. It is because of the simple reason that such centres already have the list of the egg donors with them along with the complete profile. So they are able to help the couples as per their request. There are many centres of Egg Donors in India but connecting with a reliable one can be of great help. Matrika Medicare is one name that you can go for. It is certainly one of the best agencies of egg donation in india and offers other service too like surrogacy and IVF. Thus you can easily find the donor and move ahead with the treatment too whether it is IVF or surrogacy.

The egg donation centre will help you to match you with the donor you are looking for. Once you have selected the name, you can meet them personally to know more about them. You can inquire about the background, their medical history and other information you are interested in. Most importantly you need to make sure that they are ready to lend their eggs and are not doing it out of pressure. Once you are assured of the same and you are satisfied, one can go ahead with the treatment. 

Benefits of the egg donors

  • The egg donors can help you to get rid of your infertility issues and find a solution for it
  • In case there is any hereditary issue the same can be cured through the egg donor
  • The chances of IVF success increase a lot with the egg donors as they are healthy and have more active eggs which can turn the success ratio by leaps and bounds.
  • Another advantage of the egg donor is that you can use it in surrogacy as well. This means that it will work in all kinds of treatments whether it is IVF or surrogacy.

So egg donation can really help if you are able to find a healthy donor for the process. Get connected with a trusted centre and see the difference.

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