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How laws have brought a change in commercial surrogacy?

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Surrogacy has come a long way. It was in the year 2002 that commercial surrogacy was made legal in India and since then a number of top personalities have become proud parents of the babies. Not only this, couples from other countries find India as a favorable country for surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in India is quite low as compared to other countries and finding surrogates is also easy. So on the whole this makes India to be one of the first choices of the couples as well as the celebrities to have surrogacy.

But this has also resulted in a lot of overuse of this process. Today surrogacy in itself has become a big industry which is booming day by day. This has opened many new opportunities for the surrogate specialists and experts who help the couples in this process. Today there are more than 3000 surrogacy clinics in India that offer excellent services to the people. One such surrogacy centre in India that is highly reputed and renowned is Matrika Medicare. It is the best surrogacy treatment centre cum IVF centre where you can avail the best services and wide range of treatments. In all it is a complete centre for the couples.

In order to curb the increasing cases of surrogacy, the government decided to lay down the laws that would save the parents as well as the surrogate mother. This was done to break issues related to sex scandals etc that were often highlighted and then used as a medium to extract money from the rich people. So here are the laws related to surrogacy.

  • Both the intended parents and the surrogate mother will have to enter into a legal contract. This will have a few terms and conditions laid down for the parents and the surrogate. It is necessary to follow the guidelines of the contract or else any of them can be charged with strict punishment.
  • Life insurance coverage needs to be provided to the surrogate mother and ensure complete privacy of the same.
  • One of the intended parents needs to be the donor for the surrogacy process. This means that either of the couple will have to give their eggs or sperms whichever are healthy for the fusion.
  • Single parents or same sex couples are entitled to go for surrogacy if they both are ready for the same.
  • Surrogacy is a complex process and therefore it is very necessary for the surrogate to be happy to be a surrogate for your baby. You cannot force anyone for this or use the power of money for such things.
  • The compensation of the surrogate mother is not laid down in the rules as it is the mutual understanding between both the parties.
  • Misuse of surrogacy is strictly prohibited as most of the women do it for money as they are facing poverty. So such things should be avoided.

So the laws related to surrogacy are quite strict and government is attentive regarding all the cases. If any violation of the same is found, necessary action is taken against them.

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