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How does Surrogacy Work? The complete process in 7 steps

surrogacy in india

Surrogacy is an arrangement bound by a legal agreement between a couple and a woman to carry their child till birth and handover to the couple. The entire surrogacy process is complex and lengthy. Surrogacy in India can be explained in 7 steps.

Step 1: After weighing all options of infertility treatment the couple visits the ART Bank. Consultation and exchange of reports follow.  The desired profile of the surrogate mother is chosen.

2: Legal papers signed. The preparation of the surrogate mother starts for embryo transfer. Her natural cycle is synchronised with the intended mother. She gets treatment for endometrial preparation as it takes about 2/3 weeks.

Step 3: The mother also receives ovarian stimulation treatment to improve the quality and quantity of the eggs. Eggs are retrieved from the mother by using ultra sound guided anaesthesia. The father also gives the sperm at the same time. After the egg and sperm donation, both the eggs and sperm is kept together in a petri dish in the lab to fertilise.

Step 4: Once fertilised, the hatched embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Other good quality embryos are frozen for future transfers in case the first attempt fails.

Step 5: After 14 days a blood test of bhcg confirms pregnancy. The ecstatic parents are informed of conception by the surrogacy service centre. The pre natal care of the surrogate mother starts. Good food and nutrition with regular visit to the Gynaecologist became mandatory.

Step 6: A long wait of 9 months begin. The couple is informed of every development by the surrogacy treatment centre and a delivery decision takes place.

Step 7: The D day arrives. Excited couple has planned and waited for this day for long. The delivery of the baby happens and subsequently handed to the couple. The couple is provided a birth certificate with the name of biological parents. The name of the surrogate mother does not get mentioned.

One word of caution is while looking for surrogacy agencies the couple must not fall prey to fake agencies and false promises. Every promise should be properly documented. Surrogacy in Delhi houses agents with professionalism and high success rate. However, before visiting any agency office the couple is advised to do their home work first and find out all about surrogacy.

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