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What is Medical Tourism ?

Medical Tourism is a platform where people interact with expert doctors and counselors to know which medical treatment they need and which country will be offering the best treatment or greater care, economical cost than they would have in their own country.

Why shall I travel to another country for IVF

Matrika understands that IVF is not a diseases but it needs equal care and attention and best treatment services just like any other treatment. We at Matrika would not only suggest you best IVF consultants and counselors in India but across the world. Our Team will review your medical report and past history, would offer you online/skype consultation to make you understand what you need and how Matrika can make your journey easy. We will help with numerous packages including your travel cost, hotel expenses and medical expenses without any hidden cost.

Can I save cost by taking the help of Single Specialty Medical Tourism?

Team Matrika is only IVF specialist and have experience more than 12 years. Depening on which type of IVF treatment you need we will guide you with worldwide comparison of cost and facilities along with the entire process involved ( such as medical investigation, detailed information about IVF cycle – date wise , visa process, hotel, tourism ). We will make a draft for you which will help you to understand your problem and solution in systematic manner.

Do I need IVF ?

This question will come in your mind numerous time because its not easy decision if you really need IVF or some other maternity treatment can work for you. Specialist at Matrika will review your reports and would suggest you the first step if you still need some more investigation to be done OR you only need IVF. If you would want to keep your treatment private , you can always contact us for skype/ online consultation.

Why can't I contact individual clinic directly in my city/country or another country? Why shall I consider medical tourism as first step?

Matriak will compare IVF clinic + Facilities + cost packages + most important factor SUCCESS RATES across the world ( which will include comparison between clinics in your city/ country and another country ). Being a patient you might have n number of doubts and questions and would want suggestions. We being at Matrika have already served numerous patient with high success rate ( some of them have gone through the same situation as you ), hence, we can you make you land to the best place which you need.

How soon can I start?

The moment you think that you want to plan your pregnancy, we will be there next to you to plan it with beautiful and easy process with best suggestions possible. We are just a call/ email away.

How can I avail online consultation?

You would need to register your online consultation just by dropping a mail to our team and we will give you the available slots to select as per your time schedule. First online consultation is always free.

How long does it take for IVF cycle from start to finish?

IVF cycle takes minimum 15 days maximum 25 days. If we look at the complete timeline then it will take 4-6 weeks ( from first consultation with Matrika to the day of embryo transfer ).

How soon can I come back to my own country?

From medical aspects you are good to fly after Embryo Transfer, however, as Matrika supports emotions involved for this treatment so we suggest you to take rest for a day and then fly back.

What other facilities Matrika would offer me along with my IVF treatment?

If you would opt our concierge services then Team Matrika would be taking care of you from the moment you will land here in India till the time of your departure. Where ever your treatment will be done our concierge desk would stay in touch with you. We will assist you with transport , hotel and tourism.

What happens if my husband cannot accompany me?

For IVF treatment your husband will be required on the day of Egg Collection. When you will initiate the treatment with Matrika , we will help you with Draft Treatment chart which will help you to understand what to expect what to do what to ignore and when to travel.

Is IVF a painful process ?

No, its not. IVF is not a painful process. From medical and general aspects you are good to fly just after your embryo transfer, hence, it’s not painful. In some cases, there can be several stages where one expects to experience pain such as when you experience development of eggs and during egg collection.

What is the age limit for IVF ?

It is always important to understand that medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes can make pregnancies much more complicated and there is a higher risk of a poor outcome. As per the guidelines and experiences concerned after the age of 45 years we get poor chance of success.

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