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+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
best surrogacy treatment in delhi

Surrogacy is a very fulfilling experience. Although there is a lot of negative publicity regarding the experience of surrogates given by outsiders, the reality is somewhat different from it. Every woman cherish motherhood, be it their own or someone else’s. Surrogacy journey is of womanhood in particular.

Reasons: Let us first find out the reasons behind women coming for surrogacy. Apart from financial reasons many surrogates opined that they felt motivated by the fact that this will help infertile couple to have their own child and came forward to help. Having no biological connection also motivated some. A fraction of them said they wanted to be mother again. Some said that they felt proud and worthy by delivering happiness.

Attachment with the baby: The surrogates don’t feel any attachment with the baby as from day one proper counselling is being given by surrogacy center in Delhi. A surrogate mother is well aware that she doesn’t have any genetic connection with the child she is carrying and doesn’t feel distressed while handing over. In fact she feels that she has delivered the result successfully.

Background check: Activists say that surrogates’ backgrounds are hardly checked by surrogacy hospitals in Delhi. This theory bounces back as each and every surrogate faces extensive background check. Not only the surrogates, their husband, children and family undergoes extensive check by credible surrogacy centers. Every detail is documented and a big support team works round the clock for this.

Risks: The surrogates are not aware of risks involved is also unfounded. They are already a mother and aware of general risks that comes with pregnancy by natural process. During their counselling process, they are made aware of hormone treatment and its side effect. A legal contract will protect her from any untoward incident makes her secure and sound.

Source of information: Some women learnt about surrogacy from friends and family. Some women were approached by people and brought to the clinic for surrogacy.

Relationship with the intended parent: Surrogate mothers share warm and cordial relationship with the intended parents. Many parents call them often to find out their well being. Some intended parents also attend important meetings and procedure. They are always suitably thanked by parents when they come to take their baby. Sometimes the couples are so thankful that they keep contact with the birth mother of their child and acknowledge her help with gratitude. Some parents even bring their children from distant places to meet her.

Best surrogacy treatment in Delhi ensures well being of surrogate mothers entirely. In this ongoing journey the surrogate mothers receive support from their family. The husband and children are also supportive and help them carry their pregnancy till the end.

Therefore, it is indeed an enriching and fruitful experience for the surrogate mother as well as the commissioned couple and worth the long and tedious journey.

Some surrogate mothers do feel impatient and sometimes fall sick. Some of them get emotionally stressed also and suffer from hypertension and diabetes. But that is very natural with any pregnancy and cannot be attributed to be the cause of surrogacy pregnancy alone.

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