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Egg Donation

Matrika Medicare is a subsidiary of Fertility Care India. Being a subsidiary center, it has all the established partners under its name. The center is a premier in the field of IVF and surrogacy. It is due to our expertise, and due to the help of our associates, hundreds of babies are born all over the world using IVF and surrogacy that is facilitated by us. In this concern, we also operate a comprehensive egg donor program and this is done in order to provide hope to the women who are unable to produce eggs, or to them who can’t use their own eggs. Egg donation can easily build up the chance to become pregnant and have children. The process helps the infertile women and couples to have a family that they are looking for.

We offer in-depth information regarding our egg donor program.  It is the only expert facility that provides the best egg donation treatment in India.  Here, the expert coordinators/associates can easily assist the couple in finding out all the questions they ask for.

Who can be an Egg Donor?

Healthy women of all backgrounds are able to donate their eggs, but there are some conditions that they should meet and these are mentioned below:

The egg donor should be between 21-32 years of age. Egg donors over 32 cannot provide healthy eggs and thus above the age of 32 are not accepted for clinic-recruited donation. The person should not have any history of inherited disease. If the donors suffer from any illness or genetic condition which can be passed onto the child conceived from the donated egg. Therefore such donors are not eligible to be an egg donor.

Be an Egg Donor :

Egg donation is a very noble process as it helps to bring smiles to infertile couples by way of conception. Our egg donors have told us that it gives them great pleasure to be a donor which will help some hapless couples frantically looking for a baby. If you are motivated to help couples in their quest of parenthood, please contact us to be an egg donor.

Types of Donor

There are two types of egg donors and these are either known donor or clinic recruited donors. Known donors are those whom the recipient and the donor know each other and they have an existing relationship.  In this case, who can be a donor? A sister, relative or friend can provide the eggs and thereby offering the benefits of knowing the genetic origin.

The next is the clinic-recruited donation, where a woman chooses to undergo IVF procedure in order to provide eggs for another woman whom she has never met. In such a case, the recipient does not know the donor, and even the donor has the option to remain unknown to the recipient. However, the donor needs to offer information like name, date of birth and address for the medical record.

Whether the Egg Donor remains Anonymous?

Yes, we respect one’s privacy and at all times maintain strict confidentiality when the donor prefers to remain anonymous. The details of a donor are maintained in our database which is password protected and very few have access to it.

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