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Eating a healthy diet with all the nutrients present in it is very important for a Surrogate mother. The growth and development of the unborn child are totally dependent on her. If she does not follow a healthy diet then two families will be impacted. The Surrogate will fall sick and suffer from malnutrition, whereas the intended parents will suffer lifelong with a malnourished child. Therefore it is very important for the Surrogate mother to eat a proper diet along with physical fitness.

The food and nutrition advice to a Surrogate mother is similar to a pregnant woman. All the important vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet of Surrogates with macronutrients like Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat.  Mother Nature gives us ample sources of Vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamins mean vital for bodies. It helps the child’s body to grow. Food rich in vitamins is the egg, fish and meat, nuts and seeds, dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt, legumes, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. If the vegetable is cooked for long it loses some of its vitamins particularly vitamin c which gives immunity and helps to fight infection. Therefore, a salad with a combination of various greens should be included in the daily diet of the surrogate mother.

Mineral-rich food such as soya bean, dairy products, and fish, almonds, legumes, green leafy vegetables, fruits like banana and grapes is a must for a Surrogate mother’s diet.

Daily intake of a good amount of protein is very important for a surrogate mother. Protein is known as the building blocks of a body. It also helps the muscles and tissues to grow. Food items such as nuts and seeds, beans, peas, pulses, fish, poultry and eggs are a rich source of protein. Eating a balanced diet with all the nutrients present in it is very important for a surrogate mother. Proteins derived from plant source has less saturated fat, more fiber and low cholesterol than from the animal source.

Carbohydrate provides energy. Food items like rice, wheat, cereals, honey, and sugar are a rich source of carbohydrates. This type of food should be eaten moderately as it might cause obesity. Carbohydrate present in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain will contain a good amount of fiber and will help in fighting constipation which is common during pregnancy as pregnancy slows down the gastrointestinal system.

Dairy items, meat, fish, poultry contain fat and gives energy. Fruits like coconut, nuts, and seeds like mustard also contain fat. Some amount of fat should be included in the diet of a surrogate mother.

Gestational diabetes is common during pregnancy. In such a situation, the intake of rice, wheat, sugar, and sweets should be controlled and replaced by fibrous food like whole grains, lean meat, and pulses. Fruit juice and soft drinks should be totally avoided.

At all times the surrogate mother should be properly hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Last but not least, adequate sleep, little exercise or yoga, and walk can help the surrogate mother to carry a healthy pregnancy. Expectant surrogate mothers should lead a stress-free life and gift a healthy baby to the intended parents.

Surrogacy in India has developed into an organized service sector over the years and managed professionally. Therefore, surrogate mothers are being looked after well by social healthcare workers and volunteers apart from doctors.

Giving birth to a healthy child is very important as it is truly said HEALTHY BABIES ARE HAPPY BABIES.

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