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surrogacy benefits

These days, surrogacy and surrogate mother is a widely discussed topic. The reason being awareness and popularity of this ART procedure has gone up with the availability of best surrogacy clinics in India. Surrogacy is of two types Traditional and Gestational. In Gestational Surrogacy a woman agrees to bear the child of a couple, who are unable to start their family due to medical complications or have a genetic disorder, under a legal agreement. In this case the woman carries the child to its term and hands over the child to the biological parents. Such women are known as Gestational carriers or birth mothers. The surrogate woman has no biological connection with the baby.
To understand surrogacy better one must understand the benefits of surrogacy first along with its process. Couples who avail Surrogacy are known as intending parents or commissioned parents. Surrogacy offers multiple benefits.

Surrogacy helps complete families — Infertile couples choose surrogacy as an option to complete their families after years of failed attempts to fulfil their dream of parenthood.

Surrogacy builds families – Building own family by way of reproduction is an eternal desire. When couples fail to build their families by natural process or infertility treatments surrogacy helps them build their own families.

Surrogacy allows genetic connection – In gestational surrogacy, at least one parent is genetically related to the child, creating special bond between the child and the parent.

Surrogacy creates new relationships – Many a times a very meaningful and lasting relationship happens between the intending parents and the surrogate.
Surrogacy is mostly successful – Since the surrogate mother has her own child, her uterus is tried and tested, it becomes a proven fact that she will be able to complete the pregnancy successfully. Hence it is generally successful than years of infertility treatment of intending parents.

Surrogacy is legally binding – Surrogacy has a legal contract which helps the intending couples to remain assured of certain terms and conditions even when they are miles apart.
Surrogacy ensures involvement – Couples are involved entirely by way of attending key meetings, decisions of important procedures to be carried on surrogates and sometimes they are present during the embryo transfer also.

Surrogacy allows parents to raise a child from birth.
Surrogacy helps older parents by donor facility
All said and done surrogacy is a lengthy and complicated procedure. To understand surrogacy better, one has to get hold of the best surrogacy treatment centre like us.

Surrogacy is beneficial for the surrogate mothers also. It is an act of generosity which is an example itself. It is a very meaningful and rewarding experience. Women enjoys motherhood and a surrogate can experience it again when her own family is complete. While undergoing treatment, the surrogate mother meets other similar such patients and share their experiences which creates a community feeling. Surrogate mothers get insurance cover and legal protection also. They are compensated for their help and can use it to achieve future goals.
However, while helping others surrogate mothers need to undergo treatment by medical experts in reputed hospitals which is physically demanding. It is an emotionally challenging experience for some and counselling is offered to alleviate stress. It needs a long term commitment.

Considering all the facts, pros and cons of surrogacy it can be easily concluded that the benefits of surrogacy are far more than the complications. The pleasure of giving and holding one’s own child outweighs the small difficulties that are encountered during the journey. Each surrogacy process is different from the other and requires expert opinion. To learn more about surrogacy contact us.

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