+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com
+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com

About Us

Matrika Medicare is a subsidiary of Fertility Care India which has established its name as a premier in the field of IVF and surrogacy.Thousands of babies are born all over the world through surrogacy and IVF facilitated by us.

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Why Us?

Matrika Medicare is an International Medical Travel Facilitation company registered in India. We are the very first Medical Tourism Team who specializes in Surrogacy and deal with only IVF Specialists because we believe that IVF needs equal concern and care like any other treatment. It is one of the best Surrogacy clinics in India as we at Matrika prepare the satisfactory platform where you can land and avail surrogacy services at an utmost comfort level with globally economical budget. It was established with the purpose of filling the void in the Domestic-International healthcare system where you can have the opportunity to decide the best Surrogacy clinic to have your IVF treatment by comparing some key factors such as success rates, expenses, care and most importantly transparency. We give you the complete roof with expert advice from start to end.

“Medical Treatment” is the word which comes in our life along with confusion, surprise, ups and downs right from the process of planning, unexpected expenses and anxiety at various steps.  Matrika, being the single specialist of IVF and Surrogacy is known to be the best Surrogacy centre in India ensures that you are in the best hands with expectations of high success rates.

IVF patients from all over the world trust us for affordable and timely healthcare. We start from basic consultation with reviewing old reports and support you throughout your journey of becoming “PARENTS”. We work with a strong support network of the top and the best healthcare providers with state of the art Surrogate hospitals in Delhi NCR and India to provide you certified doctors and renowned health experts under one roof.

How do we do it?

Each one of us are very well aware that Surrogacy/IVF is not a hidden treatment these days. We all want to hear “Mummy and Papa” at a certain stage of our life. This treatment demands emotional support and bond with your caretaker OR your guide who is facilitating you these services under one roof. At Matrika – you will be treated like a family who will take care of all your emotional needs, treatment requirements and financial budgets. We do it with no difference but the magic of bringing it all together in one stop with best facilities and highest success rates. Matrika is associated with the Best IVF clinics in each city and provides you the option of choice in availing our low-cost Surrogacy. In our endeavor to always satisfy you, we try to bring out the best options for every individual. We will offer you the best Surrogacy treatment centre in India with care, compassion and 24×7 back up. 

What to expect

You can always expect transparency in your treatment, monetary transactions and prompt actions. We will give you the best option with valid comparison which will save your time and efforts to find out the best country and best Surrogacy clinic to achieve your Parenthood. We serve every couple individually and you will never be waiting. Matrika is ready to take care of you from your landing till departure including your stay, rejuvenation, entertainment, and various other activities that you may need on your onward journey towards Parenthood. In this quest we will hold your hands tightly and also guide to select a surrogate mother suitable to your preference and requirement.

How to start

Our expert counsellors are just a click away from you. The first step to start with Matrika is Skype consultation Or else you can always write us if you are not comfortable talking via Skype.

  1. The process begins with discussion via skype consultation Or e-mail to get a brief of your medical history
  2. Exchange of Medical Reports and other investigation
  3. Matrika will get back to you with the suggestion of best Surrogacy hospital in Delhi/NCR and in India to match your expectation to have a baby
  4. Matrika will prefer to explain “which treatment you need” via Skype consultation so that you can easily understand your level of infertility and treatment needed. We personally believe that rather than exchanging 50 emails – you can understand it better through oral communication. However, we have experts writing the answers to your queries and are always ready to help you via e-mail and phone as well.
  5. IVF clinic will be finalized with mutual understanding (on our suggestion and your final call)
  6. The cost will be explained in details (NO hidden cost). Parents can easily find cheap Surrogacy clinics in India
  7. Pre -Treatment chart will be given to you from day 1 till the date of embryo transfer
  8. Matrika would also serve concierge services to make this journey better and comfortable for you.
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