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+91-011-41459114, +91-9899481003 matrikamedicare@gmail.com

Support Team

Our Support Team would always be at their best. We would not let you feel that you are arriving in unfamiliar destination. IVF treatment and care is equally important for our each patient and we always try to leave remkarable print in your journey of Parenthood. To manage your ups and downs , stress , confusions and anxiety Matrika has an established in-country support system of experts which includes medical and tourism expertise. Once you decide to start this journey with Matrika then our support team would be at your door step for guidance and advice to assist , to find the right choice of treatments, treatment location and provide guidance on travel, accommodation and any tourism planning. Being the only single IVF medical tourism in India your IVF success would be our focus everyday.

Ms. Shilpi

Ms ShilpiMs. Shilpi is expertise in IVF and Surrogacy Consulting. She has been assisting patient on international level since 2007. She is the part of IVF and Surrogacy treatments almost for last 12 years. She has travelled worldwide to interact with IVF Patients / success rates / clinic’s protocol, this interaction and research gave her opportunity to understand Patienet’s demands and expectations. She has assisted patients almost from every corner of world, therefore, we can say no matter from which part of this world you are coming to us for your PARENTHOOD JOURNEY – we will be knowing your pain and treatment and most importantly we will try to draft your treatments and facilities in given budget. Shilpi is the most senior point of contact in Matrika and look after every management from start to end. You can always ask us to interact with her during your initial consultations or during your trip to India. She is expert to roll your every expectations and requirements under one roof which involves medical investigation , doctors , IVF specialist , support system , Accommodation and touism.


Ms. Neha Yadav

Neha YadavMs. Neha works with Shilpi to design your travel – treatment – tourism as per your specifications and need. She will be your first point of contact in terms of Medical Assistance. You will often meet her during your online /skype consultation with her. Neha comes from the background of working with numerous IVF Clinics in the past and she has good knowledge to judge what patient needs and which IVF Clinic meet their requirements. She will coordinate your entire treatment and support you at every different stage of your journey to achieve Parenthood. She has been the part of many IVF and Surrogacy confrences and keeps in touch with legalities involved. Shilpi and Neha works together to make this succesful journey happen for you.



Mr. Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh KumarMr. Saurabh is very well known name in India for IVF and Surrogacy. He has experience of almost around 15 years. Saurabh is the key element of Matrika because he helps Shilpi & Neha to complete every need and expectation of yours. He comes from the background where he had opportunity to run ART BANK , hence, he is expert in providing you the guidance to increase your success rates. Mr. Saurabh communicate direclty with the Doctors at different IVF Centers who gives us instruction that what we can do better for you and how we can make it a success for you on medical grounds and then we present this to you where you make your choices. He will be at services 24×7. Mr. Saurbah have already assisted more than 8000 IVF patients coming from different part of this world. Mr. Saurabh would always be the backbone of your treatment and ready to accept every challenge come one way of your success.



Mr. Gaurav Raj

Gaurav Raj Mr. Gaurav handels very important role in support system of Matrika. No matter , which city you will be travelling he would be the point to contact as concierge. He helps Shilpi at backend and makes sure that you would not have any problem during your travel which includes your accommodation and tourism. Mr. Gaurav comes from the background of Concierge of IVF and Surrogacy Patients. He is expert in giving the best comfort to patients during their IVF cycles because he knows every important key factors to be looked after which makes your travel and treatment easy in India. His job is to make sure that you experiences worryless travel every day you stay and travel in India.

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