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Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a simple procedure that is being used to insert sperm directly inside the uterus. The procedure assists in meeting healthy sperm directly to your egg. Matrika Medicare with its associates also holds specialization is this procedure and that can help in easily resolving the problem of infertility. IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination and it is also sometimes called as donor insemination or artificial insemination. IUI mainly works by putting the sperm cells directly into your uterus when you’re ovulating thereby helping the sperm get closer to your egg.

This would cut down the time and distance of meeting sperm with egg. The procedure also makes sperm to less travel and make it easier to fertilize your egg. But the process needs a systematic flow and before having the insemination procedure, you are asked to take fertility medicines that stimulate the ovulation. Under the same procedure semen is collected from your partner or it can be a donor as well. This process is called as “sperm washing” where you collect a concentrated amount of healthy sperm to get it mixed with eggs.

After this process, your doctor inserts the sperm right into your uterus. Now the action is pregnancy, which will only happens if the sperm fertilizes your egg, and on the other hand the fertilized egg implants in the lining of your uterus. IUI treatment is very simple and follows low-tech procedure. It is also less expensive compared to other types of fertility treatments. Besides, it also increases your chances of pregnancy. But the only issue is everyone’s body is different, and there’s no guarantee that IUI will work on everyone in a same kind.

Before you follow the IUI, your doctor would ask you to take fertility medicines and this will help you make your eggs mature and ready to be fertilized. In this concern, your doctor will do the insemination procedure during ovulation. He/she can also trigger ovulation as this will figure out exactly when you’re ovulating and when you are ready for the procedure. The treatment would sound more success and would maximize your chances of getting pregnant only when you are ovulating.

The procedure explains like your partner or donor collects a semen sample at home or the sample can be collected in the doctor’s office.

The sperm are then prepared for insemination through a process called “sperm washing”. Sperm washing is very helpful because it can help get rid of chemicals in the semen, which can cause reactions in your uterus.

The process collects out a concentrated amount of healthy sperm. You can also get sperm from sperm bank, which can be collected easily and send to the doctor’s office sperm. This is already “washed” and ready for IUI and then the final work gets started. We are a well know name in this genre, and we are here to solve your problem easily.