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Blastocyst Culture

The human embryo after fertilisation goes through various stages. Around day 3 the embryo reaches cleavage stage and in normal IVF, gets transferred to the uterus of the woman by a catheter. On day 5/6 the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage where the cells are more in number. In blastocyst stage the embryologist can assess...
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Cost of Surrogacy in India

In India Surrogacy has become very popular due to various factors. Some of them are attributed to its low cost, world class medical care, expertise, huge pool of surrogates ready to help, English speaking efficient and compassionate staff and good connectivity within and outside India. Over the years it has developed into a World Class...
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How laws have brought a change in commercial surrogacy?

Surrogacy has come a long way. It was in the year 2002 that commercial surrogacy was made legal in India and since then a number of top personalities have become proud parents of the babies. Not only this, couples from other countries find India as a favorable country for surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in...
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Best Surrogacy Centre, Clinics in Delhi India for Low Cost Treatment

Surrogacy has become quite common nowadays. Many couples including the same sex ones are going for surrogacy as their first preference. Surrogacy not only helps you to curb infertility but put an end to all other health issues as well. The best part is that it is a legal process and so the couples need...
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Best Surrogacy Clinics, Hospitals in Delhi NCR, India | Surrogate Hospitals in Delhi

Surrogacy is not always the first choice of the couples. After going for different treatments and wasting money, the couples turn towards surrogacy being their last hope. Today surrogacy has become legal and that is why there are many cheap surrogacy clinics in India where you can receive the complete assistance you are looking for....
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Matrika Surrogacy – a path to happy life

Surrogacy – a path to happy life

Surrogacy has done wonders in several cases. It has helped several couples who were struggling to become parents but could not due to infertility, hysterectomy or frequent miscarriages. But all thanks to surrogacy that it has given a new opportunity to the couples to get blessed with a baby and that too without facing any...
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How to Find Best and Healthy Egg Donors?

Egg donors can prove to a helping hand for the couples who are facing issues in their pregnancy. Many times the women’s egg may not be active enough to lead into a pregnancy or may not be produced in the right quantity. Then there are cases where the woman might have irregular periods and she...
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Egg Donation Program and How it Can Help the Couples

Egg donation is something that has really helped the couples to enjoy parenthood. Women who are facing issues with their poor quality eggs or have irregular periods due to which they are unable to conceive, egg donors can be a good choice. You just have to connect with a trusted egg donation agency and you...
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The role of a reputed clinic or specialist in IVF process

IVF is the treatment which can cure infertility to a large extent. Whether it is the internal problem related to the male or female, IVF is the solution to both of them. Once fully diagnosed, the doctor can let you know the chances of success in your case. There is no doubt about the fact...
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